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Madi Frink with CRU

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

GOC partners with Madi Frink who is part of CRU or Campus Crusaders for Christ.

Here is what Madi has to say about GOC's partnership with CRU:

"I’m so excited and thankful for how GOC partners with the Middle and High School Ministry of Cru here in Orlando, FL. We’ve got a team of eight staff plus local volunteers. Our team’s mission is to work directly with students in the Orlando area to equip them for the mission of reaching their campuses and becoming lifelong followers and laborers for Christ.

At each campus we do a monthly large group outreach where every student who comes hears the gospel and gets a chance to respond to how God is leading them. At April’s outreach at this local Orlando high school about 60 students came and 19 indicated that they started a relationship with God!

This is our first full year relaunching ministry in Orlando and GOC’s partnership has been an integral part of enabling our team with the funding to get on campus and be a consistent presence there this school year. Our mission is fueled by the reality that teenagers need a transforming relationship with God, which affects them for all eternity and that there is no more strategic place to take the Gospel than to the middle and high school campus.

These kids are awesome and so honest during our discussion times. Each week at this particular campus we meet after school on Wednesdays to have small group discussions about God, life, and what it looks like to follow Jesus. These times are one of my favorite parts of my job!

We have movements at nine schools in Orlando and are trusting God for the provision launch 1-2 new movements in the fall. In the last nine months we have seen almost 80 students start a relationship with Christ. God is on the move in this city!

“What picture describes your life right now? What picture shows what you believe about God?” Two Christian guys on the football team ask some of their non Christian teammates these questions as they use this evangelism tool called “Soularium” to start a spiritual conversation using photos! We love to equip teenagers to step out in faith to initiate spiritual conversations with their friends.

Thank you SO much for your financial and prayerful investment in the lives of these kids, their families, and our staff team. I have personally been so blessed by being able to Orlando this year and join the Lord in the work He’s doing here. You are making an eternal impact, I can’t wait to see what else God has in store this year as He continues to draw people to Himself."

I’ll never forget sitting down to talk with Cammy, a junior in high school who had just started a relationship with Christ, after she asked what it meant to “pray”. Teenagers are like wet cement waiting for someone to leave a lasting impression on their lives. It’s powerful to see kids impacted by Christ!


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