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Never run out of fuel again! Gaines Oil Company's Wireless Tank Monitoring technology ensures that you will constantly have a full tank by alerting us when the fuel drops below a set percentage or volume!

How Does It Work?

If you choose to have a monitor put onto your tank, a Gaines Oil Company representative will install this monitor for you. There is an option to also install an extra strength antenna to ensure that we have correct readings in locations that may not be within a required distance from a cellular tower. 

After the monitor is installed, we read your tank levels throughout the day. We have these readings on a secure web page where our dispatch has constant access and monitors constantly. 

If your tank level drops below a percentage or volume level that we have preset, we will immediately put you on a schedule for delivery.

Wireless Tank Monitoring
What Are the Benefits?

Not only will you never run low on or run out of fuel, you will also have constant access to your tank levels through Gaines Oil Company.

Are You Interested?

Contact Us today for any questions regarding this innovative way of keeping our customers satisfied with our Wireless Tank Monitoring!

Never worry about your fuel levels again!


Tel: 919-898-2231 

Nationwide: 1-800-767-2231


Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5pm

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