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Our Core Values

1. Faith

  • Our Faith is in Christ Jesus

  • Our Foundation for who we are and everything we do

  • We plant seeds in others lives by sharing the Good News of Jesus


2. Excellence: We strive to be excellent in everything we do

  • We always find a way

  • We are responsive

  • We plan our work and work our plan


3. Stewardship: We are responsible stewards

  • We are fiscally responsible and share generously

  • Community involvement

  • We invest in our team members and provide opportunities for them to learn and grow


4. Awareness & Safety

  • We seek to prevent accidents, injuries, and breakdowns


5. Service: We are servant leaders

  • We are humble

  • We celebrate each other’s wins, and we learn from our loses

  • We go above and beyond to WOW our employees and customers


6. People: We invest in people

  • We love and care for each other as family

  • We are loyal to GOC and one another

  • We empower each other and train ourselves and others


7. Communication: We effectively communicate with each other and our customers

  • We openly share all information

  • We seek to resolve misunderstandings and conflict quickly

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